Professor Alice Wujciak
Pronunciation Coach

Since Alice was a young girl she was fascinated with words, codes and language. She has used that passion for communication to teach you  the art of pronunciation with unique methods that show you how to use your mouth to properly articulate English words.

She has been teaching pronunciation since 1981 and holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University.

She has designed a method to move students quickly and logically from their native sounds to the American sounds. It’s a principle of phonetics that a mouth position is a speech sound. So, by adjusting your mouth, you can easily pronounce even sounds that you didn’t recognize! Once you know all the sounds, you can start to match them with the spellings.

Professor Wujciak provides one on one coaching, online lessons and group classes.

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Contact Information:
Tel: 954.963.7661

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